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Custom Events

Custom events allow you to define your own KPIs. Each custom event you send will be counted and displayed in your dashboard.

To send a custom event from your app, use the .trackCustomEvent() method on the Lumin instance.

title="Track Custom Event"
onPress={() => {

Sharing One Lumin Instace Across Your App


This is only relevant in React Native. In Flutter, no further setup is needed, one instance of Lumin is already shared across your app.

When you're tracking custom events, you likely won't do so only from your App.js. So we recommend to pull your Lumin setup code out of App.js into its own module. Here's an example of how you can do that in React Native:

import { Lumin } from "@uselumin/react-native";

const lumin = null;
if (process.env.ENVIRONMENT === "production") {
lumin = new Lumin("<Token of your PROD Lumin app>");
} else
if (process.env.ENVIRONMENT === "development") {
lumin = new Lumin("<Token of your DEV Lumin app>");
} else
if // ...


export lumin;