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Different Environments

Many development workflows will have different envrionments for the same app, e.g. development, staging and production. You probably don't want to pollute your production statistics with events your app sends during development.

We recommend setting up one Lumin app for each of your app's environments. See Having Multiple Apps for instructions on how to set up multiple apps.

In Your Code

Your Lumin apps will have different tokens. In your code, you would choose the correct token based on the configured environment of your app.

You can do this in multiple ways, but an easy one would be the following:

import { Lumin } from "@uselumin/react-native";

const lumin = null;
if (process.env.ENVIRONMENT === "production") {
lumin = new Lumin("<Token of your PROD Lumin app>");
} else
if (process.env.ENVIRONMENT === "development") {
lumin = new Lumin("<Token of your DEV Lumin app>");
} else
if // ...