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Having Multiple Apps

You can track as many apps from one Lumin account as you want. Your price tier will be determined based on the combined MAUs of all your apps.

Create Additional Apps

Click on "Apps" in the sidebar to view the list of all your apps.

App List

To create additional apps, click on the button labeled "Add App +" in the upper right corner.

Create App

Afterwards, you will be shown instructions for how to integrate Lumin into your app.

New App

Install the Lumin React Native SDK and its dependencies:

  npm install @uselumin/react-native @react-native-async-storage/async-storage@1.17.11
npx pod-install # Not needed if you're using Expo

Intitialize the Lumin SDK in your app (e.g. in App.js):

import { Lumin } from "@uselumin/react-native";

const lumin = new Lumin("<Your Token>");


The above code snippet will already be populated with the correct token.

Once you open your app for the first time (or send a Custom Event), your dashboard should show your statistics.


Each app will have a different token, so make sure you use the correct one.